The Case for Better Travel

Raden delivers a seamless travel experience by pairing the world's best materials with technology.

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Let's Roll

A case unlike any other

Raden cases are super light and incredibly strong, gliding smoothly across airport terminals and city sidewalks.

A22 carry black matte

A22 Carry

With a TSA-approved compact design that prioritizes maximum interior storage, the 22" carry-on is the perfect case for a weekend getaway.

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A28 check black matte

A28 Check

With a sturdy side handle and recessed wheels, the 28" checked case stands out from the other cases on the carousel.

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Pair phone
Pair your case with the Raden app to experience the latest in travel tech.
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Travel smart

From weight sensors to built-in phone chargers, our cases come complete with the latest tech-enabled features - and they all connect seamlessly to our mobile app.

Sync up, take off

Purchase your Raden case, download the app and pair the two to experience the latest in travel tech.

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Built-in charger

Providing up to 4x full phone charges

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Integrated scale

Ergonomic top carry handle doubles as a weight sensor

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Location awareness

Proximity sensors leverage Bluetooth technology

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Portable 7,800mAh battery + 2 USB ports = Up to 4x full phone charges.

Built from the best

Raden's design is rooted in all things simple, smooth and smart. We've infused these qualities into each component of a Raden case to arrive at one perfect result.

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The world's best materials undergo Raden's rigorous tests.
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Luggage, lifted

The pursuit of a better travel experience begins with you in mind. From Japanese wheels to reversed zipper linings, each element of a Raden case has been designed to help you move and connect seamlessly.

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Charge up, take off.
Case closed.

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