About our battery

All Raden bags have an easily-removable lithium-ion battery that is allowed on every major airline; either connected in the case or detached. The Carry-on battery can remain in the case, while the Check-in battery should be detached prior to checking in.

Can I remove the battery?

Yes! In fact, the battery works just like an external charger. So, you can remove the battery from your Raden case and use it to charge your phone anytime, anywhere.

How do I remove the battery?

To remove your battery from the case, unzip the interior lining and locate a small black pouch. Unzip the pouch to locate the battery. Take out the battery and use it like any other portable charger!

What about the new airline regulations starting January 15, 2018?

On December 1, 2017, a few airlines have announced that, starting Jan 15th, luggage with charging devices can't fly unless the battery is removable. This means your Raden can still fly but the battery will need to be removed before checking your Raden.

Luckily, all Raden cases were purposefully designed with a battery that can be easily removed in seconds! All you'll need to do is unzip the pouch that holds your battery and simply slide it out.

Additionally, while the battery for the A28 Check cannot be connected to its case during the duration of the flight, the case can still be used to check the weight prior to boarding and the battery can be used as a portable charger.

Is the battery TSA-approved?

Raden complies with all the relevant safety standards set forth by the FAA, TSA and IATA. Raden contains a battery with Watt-hour rating 28.3Wh which has passed all safety & testing requirements of standard UN38.3, and meets the requirements outlined by IATA Packing Instructions 966 and 967.

Our cases have undergone critical regulatory certifications. Raden is listed under Standard 60950, a globally recognized testing standard for product safety, and we're officially deemed as Safe Technology Equipment. The rest of our certifications are listed below - if you're looking for more details, feel free to contact our customer experience team here.

FCC testing as Declaration of Conformity.
IC (CE declaration).
UN 38.3 for battery certification.
IEC/EN 62133 for EMC certification.
Bluetooth Smart certification.
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) testing.


Have questions?

We’re here for you if you have any questions about Raden! You can email us at support@raden.com, call us at 1.844.467.2336 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm EST), or read our FAQ for answers to common questions.