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Transform travel

Travel transformed

Cramped carousels. Crowded charging stations. Outlandish overage fees. Travel is certainly not a user-first experience. But what if it could be? What if the tools we use to go from destination to destination could pave the way for a better experience? Enter Raden.

Redefining streamlined

There’s chaotic travel and there’s seamless travel. We believe the difference is in the details, so we created an ecosystem to help you travel smooth and smart.

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Bag corner
Compact interior design allows maximum space for anything and everything.
About connected

Confidently connected

Inspired by the plugged-in passenger, we set out to efficiently, effortlessly and stylishly get you from Point A to Point B.

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An integrated TSA-approved lock makes for one less travel accessory.

Always supported

From the warranty to instant mobile chat support, the Raden experience goes beyond the case to ensure that you can travel both seamlessly and confidently.

Raden Support

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Charge up, take off.
Case closed.

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